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Single woman travel to bali

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Bali is becoming a popular destination for solo travellers. To help you plan a trip, below is our guide to how to travel solo in Bali as well as lots of practical information such as where to stay, which tour company to use and how to get around. Find out how to get from the airports and what to do in each place. All companies included have been recommended by solo female travellers and come with our Solo Female Friendly endorsement. Just choose the relevant section or read the full article.

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Bali for beginners: tips for (female) solo travel in Bali

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Bali has become incredibly popular for solo female travellers to visit after the success of Eat, Pray, Love — Brooke Ferguson gives some practical tips on what to expect on the Island Of the Gods. Brooke at Mount Agung. I had been curious before, but her description of the country led me to believe that it was something to be experienced in real life, not just through a book. Instead, go just outside of where all of the taxis are lined up, and into the parking lot.

They will charge you by the meter, and not take all of your money! You can also call them for reservations, schedule pick ups from the airport, or find general info here: Bluebird Taxis official site. Carrying a load, Bali. Depending on the season, it may be better NOT to book your hotel in advance.

Many of the online hotels can be deceiving about their proximity and quality!! I found it better to go to the area you want to be, check out what is near by, look at the rooms, check the internet connection, and barter for a price. You can usually get a much better deal in person than you can with online reservations!

If you want to check availability and prices for Bali hotels, see Booking. Barter, Barter, Barter! Bali is definitely a place where you need to barter. Unlike other countries where the locals seem willing to ask just a bit more than the real price, Balinese are apt to ask you several times the price for clothes and merchandise.

Rule of thumb: if you are in a marketplace, you can barter them down. Store prices are more difficult, but can be done. Usually, they will come running after you and let you have your offer. It is all part of the game, so go with it, and get your barter on! Boats on the beach, Bali. Sanur seems more for the vacationers, where Kuta has a lively backpacker scene. Further up north there are deserted stretches of black volcanic sand beaches, like Pemuteran.

Many people just travel to Bali for the beaches, and if you are feeling adventurous, try checking out the Gili Islands or Komodo island, home of the infamous Komodo Dragons.

Those are on my list for my next trip, for sure! My favorite part about my trip was going off of the beaten path and taking a tour that not many people have had the ability to do.

Nyoman has started taking people to the village where he grew up. I got to get close up views of Mt. Agung, learn about the rice fields, visit his family compound, and witness traditional music played by his family. We went for a tour all around his village and it was fantastic to meet the locals and see how traditional Balinese people really live. While there have been differing opinions of getting your real fortune read by Ketut, many people enjoy the experience of meeting him and seeing how he lives.

Wayan has her herbal shop set up and is happy to welcome Western customers for treatments. Learn more here. Balinese Cuisine. Traditional Balinese foods are similar to most Asian dishes, consisting primarily of rice or noodle dishes. The meat dishes are wonderful marinated barbeques complimented by small salads or portions of pickled vegetables. I did not have any problems eating the traditional food, and found that while it was well flavored, it was not spicy.

Be sure to try the sates marinated bbq meat , lawar mixed chopped vegtebles and spices , and lampet snack served wrapped in banana leaves. The soups are also wonderful, so make sure to try them too! You can go in to them, take a look, and be a part of the music and festivities.

However, it is recommended that you wear proper attire. Women should have on sleeved shirts and covered legs. Men are fine with standard sleeved shirts and shorts are acceptable. Most temples will provide wraps, or there are women selling sarongs outside for you to go in. Monkey and baby, Bali. It is full of beautiful sculptures, outdoor temples, and the monkeys are everywhere!

Agung is a must. Get picturesque views from restaurants or visit the mountain up close and personal with a guided tour. My last advice is if Bali is somewhere you really want to go and you have always dreamed of traveling, buy a ticket, and go it alone. I waited around a long time to coordinate tickets, plans, and eventually just decided to go on my own. Brooke has been traveling the world and living abroad for the last two-and-a-half years.

She consults others on how to create and run an online business from anywhere in the world. Make sure you have travel insurance.

Get it immediately online with World Nomads. Amadea Resort Seminyak More Info. Klumpu Resort Sanur More Info. Rouge Villas Ubud More Info. The Oberoi Seminyak More Info. Syailendra Villas Ubud More Info. Bisma Eight Ubud More Info. The Fairmont Sanur More Info. Check for the cheapest flights to Bali on Skyscanner — compare airline prices instantly. Agustri Homestay Sanur More Info. The Style Ubud More Info. Puri Dukah Seminyak More Info. Check Bali hotel availability and pricing on Booking.

Disclosure travelhappy. Travelhappy may be compensated for any bookings made through Agoda.

10 Practical and Useful Tips for Your Bali Solo Female Travel

Understandably, safety remains to be the main concern for female travelers, particularly for women traveling alone. More and more visitors are finding their way to Bali to explore the breathtaking mountain villages , rice paddies and the marine world that surrounds this stunning island. Bali is without a doubt, gorgeous, awe-inspiring, and heart-warming.

Solo woman travel is on the rise. Traveling alone is a paradox because we do it to connect— to ourselves, to nature, and to the loving and unseen forces of the universe. The Balinese believe that Bali is the center of the universe, and if you agree with the idea that the Earth is a healing planet, you might be inclined to agree with them.

Bali seemed like one of those destinations where couples would be walking through rice fields hand in hand and swimming in luxurious infinity pools together. As soon as I arrived to Bali, my apprehensions flew out of the window. There are a variety of day-trips, classes, and cultural sights that are easy enough to join whether you visit with friends or take the plunge to go solo. More importantly, I never experienced any issues with safety as long I kept my wits about me. I quickly discovered that Bali might be the perfect travel destination for solo travelers who wanted to spend time alone while meeting other travelers at the same time.

Solo Travel in Bali: Why I Didn’t Love it

There are many areas in this popular holiday destination where you can avoid the crowds and simply enjoy vacationing in a diverse and laid-back part of the world. Black Pearl Hostel : Located in Canggu and within a short walk to Echo Beach, this hostel has a beautiful pool and offers a restaurant, free WiFi, an outdoor swimming pool, plus garden and pool view terraces. Kos One Hostel : This is a very trendy and design-centric hostel — it has a beautiful pool and a stunning buffet breakfast. La Boheme Canggu : This property also has one of the top-rated locations in Canggu! WW Backpackers : A high-rated hostel in Ubud, very central to all the sites. Daily breakfast is served in the private terrace overlooking the garden. If you have a bigger budget for this trip, my advice is to take advantage of the low price point of Bali and rent a private villa for yourself.

Top Ten Tips for Female Travelers in Bali, Indonesia

This island of awesome is chilled out, friendly, safe, and teeming with fellow backpackers who are just waiting to become your new BFF. Not only do you have the freedom to do what you want when you want, but you also get to create meaningful, new relationships while learning all about yourself in the process. Finding a spiritual connection is a huuuuge deal on this island, which is why Bali is full of awesome spots for yoga, massages, journaling, meditation, and more. Canggu and Ubud, in particular, are packed with expats who are building their empires, making their fortunes, and taking over the world a la Pinkie and the Brain , but in the nicest possible way. Who knows, after your 10 day Bali itinerary , you might just come away with a whole new dream!

When I booked my fights to Bali I was beyond excited. The beaches were busy, but nice.

Bali has become incredibly popular for solo female travellers to visit after the success of Eat, Pray, Love — Brooke Ferguson gives some practical tips on what to expect on the Island Of the Gods. Brooke at Mount Agung. I had been curious before, but her description of the country led me to believe that it was something to be experienced in real life, not just through a book.

Solo Travel in Bali

I am a single woman and am thinking about going to Bali in Sept. Any suggestions or ideas about what to do, I have never been before. Is it safe for me to go alone?

Although I have traveled almost the entire planet, I found my first trip to Bali quite exciting. Despite this not being my first time in Asia, it was my first time alone in Asia. Looking back at it, it appears that I should not have worried about traveling on my own in Bali. Not as a woman either. That is why I wrote this post for Bali for beginners, just to put you at ease if you are traveling alone or as a woman. I sent him a WhatsApp message and we agreed that he would come to pick me up and drive me to Ubud.

Is it ok for a single woman to travel to Bali alone Sept? - Bali Forum


Jun 14, - That is why I wrote this post for Bali for beginners, just to put you at ease if you are traveling alone or as a woman. Or as a couple, as these Bali.








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