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Sign In. Blooper Bunny! Hide Spoilers. The only really great BB 'toon since the '60s!!!

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Sign In. Blooper Bunny! Hide Spoilers. The only really great BB 'toon since the '60s!!! PeachHamBeach 8 September Although he is no replacement for the late Mel Blanc, Rick Bergman does the voice recreations a lot of justice, and this short, Blooper Bunny, is the funniest and best cartoon since the Golden Age ended back in the mids.

Honestly funny and reminiscent of the wacky show-biz humor of the classic "Show Biz Bugs", Blooper Bunny displays the decades long good humored rivalry between Bugs and Daffy Duck. I liked it. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. MartinHafer 11 October This was a very, very edgy cartoon that should have been more widely seen that it was.

Apparently, shortly after it was made, some kill-joys at Time-Warner decided it was too edgy and harmed the bland reputation they've created for their characters in recent years. Yet back in the early 90s, somehow, the writers and animators at Warner Brothers were given a lot of leeway to create a modern version of Bugs Bunny.

For very little kids, this cartoon isn't too appropriate, but for older kids and teens, they'll probably think it's great when they bleep out comments made by jealous Daffy Duck!!

About the only thing that doesn't work is the section where they show fake take after take of the same dancing number--it really got repetitive and a bit annoying! But, this cartoon is a great way to both celebrate the past and keep the edginess that made Bugs, Daffy and the rest popular.

While not without it's flaws, this short is still one of the most entertaining Looney Tunes shorts in recent years. I've resigned myself to the fact that the golden age of Looney Tunes is long in the past and it'll never get as good as it was back then again in the future. But I still enjoyed this cartoon that plays out like a blooper reel taking place on Bugs Bunny's fifty first and a half birthday special. Even if the Looney Tune's gang acted a tad off-kilter.

This cartoon can be found as an extra on disk 1 of the 'Looney Tunes Golden Collection' and has optional commentary. This was a very original short for the Looney Tunes gang. The actual short was shown in like the first minute. The rest of it shows out takes from the short and how much 'effort' went into filming 'The Bugs Bunny 51st and a Half Anniversary Spectacular'.

It was a laugh riot. Cartoon mockumentary about the behind-the-scenes of a Bugs Bunny retrospective special with Daffy, Elmer, and Yosemite Sam causing problems. It's mostly made up of blooper clips, a few of which are actually funny.

Points for creativity, particularly since the post-classic era Looney Tunes shorts were all-too-often pointless exercises in nostalgia copying old gags instead of coming up with new material. At least they were trying here. I've made no secret in my other reviews of modern Looney Tunes cartoons that they almost all suck. The degree to which they suck certainly varies but I've yet to see one that I watch and go "yeah, that deserves to be talked about in the same breath as the classics.

There's no doubt this was made by people who love the characters and wanted to bring them to a new generation. The animation is quite nice and I have no problems with the music or Jeff Bergman's voice work. As far as newer Looney Tunes goes, you can't do better than this.

Which is kind of sad if you think about it too long. TheLittleSongbird 26 June I love Looney Tunes, and I love all four characters featured here, so this seemed like a winner.

And it was. Not only are Bugs, Daffy, Elmer and Yosemite Sam all great, but when it comes to the voice work Jeff Bergman manages to be both dynamic and stick to the characters' characteristics very well. The animation is absolutely great, very lively and colourful, and the music has a lot of energy and doesn't get annoying no matter how many times we hear the main theme. The outtakes are hugely funny, not just in the fresh writing but also in the sight gags. While I loved the business with the cane, the Eh What's Up Doc to uproarious laughter and Daffy stepping on a floorboard and it hits him, it was the outtake where Elmer's gun goes off and it's real ammunition narrowly missing Bugs and hitting Daffy that really amused me.

All in all, a hugely funny cartoon. Then, with intentionally scratched film, we see the behind the scenes footage with those same three characters as we usually know them: Daffy acting hostile toward Bugs, Elmer trying to really kill the wabbit, and Sam really roaring into the varmint. Then there are the "bloopers" that mostly involve the Duck with various "accidents" like the loose board that hits him. That was the funniest scene for me. Too bad the folks at Time Warner thought this was too "edgy" to be shown in theaters but it's good to know that the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD has permanently made this available in their extra features section.

Likewise, unless they labored in conditions of total squalor, their janitorial assistants are absolutely unsung here. One would think that the top dozen BLOOPER honchos would deem themselves important enough to merit personal or production assistants, drivers, and security people, though not a name of this is breathed in the credits. It's likely that Bugs Bunny has been a meal ticket for thousands over his career. TheOtherFool 10 June This is such a funny cartoon!

They do a little dance, but then we get to see what 'happened before that very same day'. So we see the gang rehearsing their little song. This is done so funny As the camera goes 'backstage' the scenes are shot from hand, sometimes the focus isn't right, things like that. Such a funny and original way to make this. It sure is one of the best cartoons I've ever witnessed. I would like to recommend this one to everybody! Popeye-8 22 June At last, Bugs Bunny tackles the tired "blooper reel" scenario that has been driven into the ground.

Raw footage and funny outtakes! Made several decades after the heyday of the theatrical Warner Bros. Believe me, this is one hell of a funny cartoon!

My favorite outtakes in " Blooper Bunny! Daffy is late for his entrance because he had to use the latrine. Elmer uses a real rifle instead of a prop and fires a shot, which misses Bugs and lands as a tiny flame on Daffy's head; Daffy then reprimands Elmer and steps on a loose board, which pops up and smacks him in the bill.

This short was squelched by Warner Bros. After giving the go ahead for this film, Warner Bros. Apparently in reaction to Daffy's comment that "Warner Bros. This "short" was never shown theatrically. Only after Cartoon Network found it languishing in the library was it finally given the exposure it deserves. The Looney Tunes gang are back again, they're still funny but in an unnatural way.

Warner Bros. The gags are mostly comments on the filmmakers, plus demonstrations of the shortcomings of filmmaking equipment. The rest is well-timed slapstick, but it doesn't feel like those wacky, hilarious characters are back again. They're funny in a different way. The animators tried. It made me, personally, feel like they were the fake characters from the earlier "Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers," because they almost seemed to have an eerie air about them.

It was a bad beginning and climax to an otherwise funny cartoon. But I still think the world is going to miss Mike Maltese.

But I don't think that unless Chuck Jones Film Productions can keep the classic-style stuff coming without its late founder Chuck Jones, obviously that we will never witness the Golden Age cartoons' like again. Stephen Fossati shows great promise. He's been taught amazingly by the master. Let's hope he can go on without his mentor's supervision. Or the Looney Tunes are done. And I know we're all hoping that doesn't happen. One of the best I've seen in a while griffin84 29 October This has got to be one of the best Bugs Bunny shorts to come out in the last few years.

Everyone knows that the funniest part of any movie is the bloopers, and Warner Bros. It's only further proof that humor is all about timing, and the best stuff comes out when you don't expect it.

My Short Film Collection. Shorts for iCM. GROW holidays, pt. Share this page:. Clear your history.

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What Wikipedia is not — Outtakes is a composition that explores the Wikipedia official policy What Wikipedia is not. As noted in that policy, "Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and, as a means to that end, an online community of individuals interested in building a high-quality encyclopedia in a spirit of mutual respect. Therefore, there are certain things that Wikipedia is not. Importantly, Wikipedia is not censored.

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