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With Vine 2 on the horizon, Vine references are seeing a resurgence. Stay in the loop by brushing up with these essential, though underappreciated Vines. There are certain world events that have undeniably shaped the members of Generation Y, including the Great Recession and the time Taylor Swift got the inspiration for a terrible song she would bitterly release years later. There is one generation-defining event, however, that is unlikely to be recognized by the majority of historians as impactful in any way.

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35 Underrated Vines That Still Deserve to Be Referenced

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With Vine 2 on the horizon, Vine references are seeing a resurgence. Stay in the loop by brushing up with these essential, though underappreciated Vines. There are certain world events that have undeniably shaped the members of Generation Y, including the Great Recession and the time Taylor Swift got the inspiration for a terrible song she would bitterly release years later.

There is one generation-defining event, however, that is unlikely to be recognized by the majority of historians as impactful in any way. I am talking, of course, about the death of Vine. Sadly, the app and its accompanying references ultimately faded from relevance, and so did its pervasiveness in youth culture.

Some key terms did happen to catch on lexically the fleeks and the yeets and gained traction completely separate from the app. Doing so suggests hipness to, and a nuanced appreciation for, what was once so ubiquitous and is now somewhat underground. Making a solid and obscure reference tells your peers just how into stupid, experimental internet humor you are. Even if no one around you is actively making references of this nature, someone in your circle is bound to pick up on a joke if you make it.

Tipping your cap to these Vines will show you to be a worthy and gripping conversationalist, and put you on a more intimate plane with other docents for this finely aging brand of dumb humor.

No one has ever served a look quite like Kenneth did that day: Whether it was his first day back after summer vacation or just another school day, he was killing it — fresh threads and poses included.

Not only will you have a good laugh, but also a confidence boost for your pal. This one is a classic from the serious setup and dumb payoff to the stern commitment with which the punchline was delivered. Such a stoic and oddly inappropriate response to being woken up by having water poured on your face. At the Disco, monochromatic onesies and mocking a fringe dance craze by expertly mastering it.

Sometimes the funniest thing to say is absolutely nothing at all, and to simply talk in a circle instead. More than anything, I come away from this Vine with respect. The guy here is just doing his part, being polite and conscientious, but no one will throw him a bone and answer a simple question. So good. The theme of palpable tension makes yet another appearance here.

I think everyone has walked his same path before, will do so again and will have a solid comeback the next time it happens to them. Even though I think people are back to liking Eminem , poking a little fun at him never hurts. The dub, first of all, provides an uncanny impersonation of him.

Leave it to a Vine to have the slightest of curveballs drive a joke home in five seconds. The freakiness and obscurity surrounding the last bit makes it match the first half in quality, without question. Saying this phrase altogether will put a spring in your step while giving you a moment to refine your Danny DeVito impression. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Admit it, you were rooting against this guy from the moment he opened his mouth.

He did nothing but brag about his free taco while sporting a less-than-PC mock accent and, truthfully, got exactly what was coming to him. Oh, and whoever got hit with the can — I hope they realize how worth it their pain was.

Same, still. On Vine, justice lives on in the form of fallen, free-of-cost tacos and vodka someone had to spit out. Watch as the Rachel Carson of today gives a cost efficient, everyday way to be more environmentally friendly. Let her soak and wash herself in peace, please. If I could sit down with any person, dead or alive, and pick their brain, I would pick the two women in this video; I have to know if they were flattered and swooning over his declarations or horrified because the song only had one chord to it.

With socks that high and humility that bubbly and pervasive, any one of us would be lucky to be half the dad this guy most certainly is. First of all, journalists have some of the toughest jobs. Does she have a terrible laugh? At the end of the day, no one came out of this one smelling like roses. Any Vine that leaves you asking more questions than you went in with gives it an enigmatic, artistic spin that makes it more a short film than a Vine. What are they doing?

Where is this? Who built this park? Or is it a playground? Where can I do this same activity locally? Surrealism at its best. Also, the first guy swinging side to side is enough on its own to warrant passing this Vine down to future generations. The surrealist side of Vine strikes again. What led to this exchange?

Where is this from? Why is she running? With each question posed, it becomes more of an art installation than a video. Did it have a spring-board on-hand behind the car?

Is the guy who got hit with the raccoon alive? Was all of this planned ahead of time? Also, the guy filming wildly overreacted; stop running and help your friend! Credit even for the dead means hope for us all. Also, like, why a Subaru? Comedy — get into it. For me, the subtlety of the camera angle, the Viner making herself laugh and the specificity of the audience to whom this is funny create a gut-busting combination.

Raven cutely crashes their party, reminding them that no one ran it by her beforehand to confirm whether or not she could swim.

For the full effect, practice witchcraft enough to the point that you can physically zap yourself right out of any snag. Astronomy can get pretty tricky, I know, and that comet understands this all too well. The fact that he also replicates the feeling of hurling through space through camera movement — straight legendary. Vine lent creatives free rein, especially in this case — without the app, people may have never giggled over such a lewd mispronunciation. You should also walk away from this inspired to be more open to life; if not, watch it a couple more times and see how that shakes out.

No Vine compilation is complete without an appearance by Summerella. Try it! For me, this really raises the bar for what Vines can be and what ground they can cover and break. Finally, I present the single most underrated Vine to bring this list to an end. As for the storyline, the speaker castigated a publicly entwined heterosexual couple, asserting a staunch anti-PDA theme.

Through all of this, the guy — half of their couple — sits stoically, stirring very little. I have to know: Why that voice and those words? The other huge reason this Vine is so mesmerizing is — get this — the fact that the guy in the couple may be and probably is a mannequin. The fingers on his left hand are so stiff, almost resembling plastic.

As far as evidence in favor of his humanity, why would anyone make a mannequin that assumed such an odd posture? And for the endless number of big picture questions this Vine spurs, they can all be answered by simply wondering aloud: What the f—? And if nobody gets your jokes? Skip to content Toggle navigation. Screens x January 13, Post Views: , Must Read. Related Posts. Trending Articles.

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35 Underrated Vines That Still Deserve to Be Referenced

Shawn Mendes — a sweet-voiced, dreamy-faced year-old Canadian singer whose name, at the moment, is inextricably connected with the words "Vine sensation" — sits on a stool in a rehearsal room on Manhattan's West side. Tom Jackson, a long-haired veteran "performance coach" who worked extensively with the teen Taylor Swift, listens intently, a notebook crammed with illegible scrawl next to him, while Mendes runs through his song "The Weight," one of the tracks from his debut EP, "Life of the Party," which arrives on Island July Tonight in this room, Mendes will play an EP release party for about 60 label and management execs, press and others. Two weeks from today, he'll be on "Live With Kelly and Michael , "and the day after that he begins his first-ever tour — playing solo, opening 30 dates for Austin Mahone — at the 11,capacity Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio. He'll celebrate his 16th birthday during a day off from the tour.

Melinda grew up on an isolated sheep ranch, where mountain lions had been seen and yet she roamed unaccompanied.

How is she feeling? Will flowers and chocolate steal her heart? Should you play it cool? Maybe you just need to be honest.

How Shawn Mendes Is Turning Vine Fame Into a Music Career


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