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How can i find out if my ex husband filed his taxes

A life event such as separation or divorce has many tax implications on your Tax Return. Once you answer a few simple tax questions during the eFile process, we will help you prepare and e-file your tax return using the correct tax forms for your situation. Start your Tax Return on eFile. Be aware that if a divorce agreement was finalized by January 31, , there is no change in the federal income tax treatment of divorce-related payments e. Alimony payments still qualify as deductible expense for the alimony payer, if the time-honored list of specific tax-law requirements apply. The recipient of alimony payments must list these payments as income on their Tax Return.

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Q: My wife and I were married in April this year and I was planning to file our federal taxes married-jointly come next April. However my wife had her last albeit small refund zeroed out by the IRS when she filed married-separately in year while married but separated from her former spouse.

Her ex-husband had her sign their married-jointly tax returns up through and she was unaware that any shenanigans were taking place. We don't know the extent of how much money was or is still owed. They separated in and he passed away in March The letter gave no indication that the IRS is going to do anything aside from take her refunds.

In the 3 years since she did not have a refund coming so the issue has not resurfaced but I would not be surprised if the IRS would continue to take any refunds.

I have 2 questions:. If my wife and I file married-jointly, can the IRS take that refund for her past "sins" given that I had nothing to do with it? If that is possible then both of us will file married-separately. She has no significant assets of her own. If so, should we contact an attorney or what would you recommend?

A: For starters, you should definitely contact a good tax accountant if you don't already have one. You need to find out more about those "other federal taxes owed on a secondary social security number.

If it's relatively small, it's probably better and cheaper to pay it and put the matter to rest. If the IRS believes your wife still owes a substantial tax for the jointly filed returns of a previous marriage, it really doesn't matter how you file future returns or title your assets. For people like you and me who follow the rules, it's not easy to hide from the IRS when it comes to back taxes.

For example, they could put a lien on the legal term is "garnishee" your wife's wages. If she has sizable "back taxes" according to the IRS you may also be able to challenge that position on the grounds that she had nothing to do with failing to pay those taxes.

For that, unfortunately, you'd almost certainly need to hire a tax lawyer. The IRS takes the position that spouses signing tax returns are legally bound to vouch for the truth of everything in that return and bear the burden of seeing that those taxes are paid. Show discussion. Do I owe taxes for my ex-wife? Discuss: Discussion comments.

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When Multiple Taxpayers Claim the Same Dependent

My ex husband has been claiming our 2 daughters who are 12, For about 10 years now without getting a signed form from me. My daughters have lived with me the entire time since our divorce 12 years ago. Not 1 day have they 'lived' with their dad. Nor does he help pay half the expenses for them all year.

Do I give this to him or wait for the Internal Revenue Service to take it back? Dear Veronica,. Approximately half of Americans have received their stimulus thus far, and you are one of the lucky ones.

I divorced a little over a year ago, and my ex-husband died suddenly. I signed my paperwork, but he never got around to it. The investment company says the account is now all mine. Is that true?

Do I owe taxes for my ex-wife?

Why Zacks? Learn to Be a Better Investor. Forgot Password. You've filed the divorce papers and are moving on with your life. Then, tax time rolls around and you aren't exactly sure what to list as your tax filing status. Both your filing status and tax liability depend on the state of your divorce. Complicating matters are situations where the ex still lives with you. According to the Internal Revenue Service, if you receive a final divorce decree by the last day of the tax filing year, your filing status is single for the entire year.

Innocent Spouse Questions & Answers

My husband owes a large amount in back child support. The Department of Revenue says that they will intercept his returns, but they haven't received anything since for tax year I think he may just not be filing his taxes in an effort to prevent me from getting his tax return. How can I find out if he is filing or not?

Q: My wife and I were married in April this year and I was planning to file our federal taxes married-jointly come next April. However my wife had her last albeit small refund zeroed out by the IRS when she filed married-separately in year while married but separated from her former spouse.

You need not file multiple forms. One form can cover multiple years. You should file Form as soon as you become aware of a tax liability for which you believe only your spouse or former spouse should be held. The following are some of the ways you may become aware of such a liability.

Divorce, Separation, Alimony and Taxes

There are situation when multiple parties claim the same dependent. For example, in the case of divorced parents , where a child may be claimed as a dependent by more than one person. Generally, only one person or married couple filing jointly may receive the tax benefits derived from claiming any one dependent. If you file your tax return and someone else has already claimed your dependent, then the IRS will apply the tiebreaker rules.

Here are a few tax rules to keep in mind. Likewise, if the court issued your divorce decree on Dec. You are also unmarried for the whole year under IRS rules if you have obtained a decree of a annulment, which requires filing amended returns for affected tax years within the applicable statute of limitations. You have the option of filing a joint married return with your spouse if you're still married, even if you no longer live together. This can be beneficial because—among other things—it makes you eligible for a higher standard deduction when you combine your incomes on the same return. But this isn't really black-and-white, either.


Tax Questions and Answers for the Newly Divorced or Separated 31, even if you or your spouse filed for divorce during the year. you and your ex had remained married and if your family had remained intact, you could not have claimed a tax Divorced father sitting on sofa with son, studying his tax info on laptop as his.








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