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Who Is TV’s Best Dressed Rich Guy?

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All products are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. From Skepta to David Beckham, these are the men who are getting it right.

Being a Best-Dressed Man in means more than it did five years ago — a hell of a lot more. Not only do men tend to be better dressed now than ever before, but more and more of them — you, actually — are prone to dressing up in public.

Which makes the GQ Best-Dressed list — the only one of its kind anywhere in the world — more important, more relevant and more pertinent than ever before. And while we have been fairly prescriptive in making this list, we have taken the soundings of those experts we hold dear and whose opinion on these matters we find compelling.

Of course there is always next year, but I would imagine that the competition is going to be even fiercer in Enjoy, if you can bear it. Boring, even. It cut through the sea of camp outfits which was the dress code, FYI and somehow ended up coming off even camper than, say, Katy Perry in a chandelier. A maverick in the true sense of the word. He is a true artist who has mastered the art of selecting key pieces that work with his attitude, so he is always in control.

The irony of having a social conscience but also being so prohibitively expensive that only the likes of Kendall Roy can buy them makes you want to scream at the pointless vagaries of capitalism, which is exactly what Succession does.

The power gilet might keep your body warm, but the heart will remain cold. Ice cold. As his father found, never underestimate Kendall. Together this couple somehow manage to out-French the French when it comes to Parisian chic. He wields pattern ambidextrously, like a samurai with a sword. Damien Paul, head of menswear, matchesfashion. A few months later when we were thinking about a face for Loewe, Josh was someone who came straight to the front of my mind and we announced him as a brand ambassador in December of the same year.

Thank goodness the tide turned. He also wears a wide-leg trouser better than anyone we know. Not since Michael Jordan has a player brought so much style, sophistication and fashion daring to the game. For off-duty, his uniform of suede jacket teamed with T-shirt, black jeans and Chelsea boots has a low-key charm that works equally well on the streets of London and LA. He inhabits an outfit rather than merely wears one. His style shows that he has that famed warmth so beloved of his mother.

Musician NEW ENTRY He looks like a model, has done a bit of acting and writes his own songs, spiky new-wave power-indie anthems that tackle themes of modern masculinity. That mop of messy hair, a simple uniform of a striped T-shirt, slim-cut jeans and a neat Harrington jacket, accessorised with a guitar, completes the look of a British rock hero in the making.

Sam Fender, however, manages to do it with style and ease and, yes, actually a bit of grace. Ice hockey player Henrik Lundqvist, goalie for the New York Rangers, shows that the Scandis can do playboy glamour with aplomb too. Lately, he has been wearing classic midnight-blue double-breasted suits from Swedish brand Stephen F. He is able to blur the boundaries between formal and casualwear. Tallents, head of brand, who has a style that is laid-back, cool and perfectly in tune with , is the man in charge of it all.

It sets off his relaxed style, a mixture of casual trousers and tailored jacket, understated in terms of labels but distinct nonetheless. His signature move? Pineapples emblazoned loud and proud on shirts buttoned up all the way to the top, usually accessorised by a huge, beaming grin.

You know, in a good way. In fact, not making a statement is, in itself, a big statement. But why exactly? He looks equally pulled together in tailoring or in his off-duty looks. I also like how his style is nostalgically American. The coolest man in London He looked timelessly elegant in a grey double-breasted chalk-stripe suit hosting the GQ Grooming Awards.

His look — a combination of streetwear Supreme sunglasses , hip-hop flash lots of diamonds and grunge that plaid shirt — dominates fashion in the same way his music does. Bold, creative, utterly individual and dedicated to the honesty of his vision, his is a style others should covet.

Known for partnering with respected brands such as Dior, Gucci and Prada, Federer exudes timeless style, which is only amplified by his unparalleled air of charisma. His gym-honed body combined with the crisply cut suit demonstrates power dressing is done best when done simply.

He goes hard on the red carpet in heeled Maison Margiela Tabi boots and see-through lace tops also by Margiela. He is helping create something new and hopefully encouraging others to explore fashion and create something unique. The art of caring just enough is a very fine tightrope that he balances with aplomb and without falling into ridiculousness. Plus, he always seems to be having a good time.

Choose a look. Something strong. Something unique. And then wear the hell out of it. He does a pretty good turn on the red carpet too. Damn him. He makes it look so easy.

His tall, slim frame was made for tailoring with a lounge lizard swagger. By day, he channels Fifties style in knitted polo shirts and zip-up jackets. An appearance alongside Shia LaBeouf for the Honey Boy premiere in a camel-coloured double-breasted suit and chartreuse-yellow shirt shows a natural ease on the red carpet. His chore jackets, grey trousers and sneakers seem unusually elegant for a man just 22 years of age. We look forward to seeing more. But he always pulls it off. John Legend makes it possible due in no small part to his style.

For once: do try this at home. He always looks sharp and enjoys colour, but not in a ridiculous way. He looks his best in a well-cut suit free of any tricky styling stunts, paired either with a rollneck or shirt and tie. Off-duty looks are similarly simple: suede bomber jacket, slim but not too slim jeans, polo shirt and plain T-shirt. He has nailed how to wear a suit and simplicity is at the heart of his look — clean lines, tonal palette and minimal accessories are a winning formula.

He never fails to bring allure and a healthy dose of irony to his roles and his style. He highlights the versatility and contemporary spirit of the suit by making it a staple of his wardrobe. With a face that was seemingly precision-tooled to play sexy psychopaths, he cuts an evil dash in dark, ominous tailoring. One look at him in Rick Owens and Tom Ford is enough to make you run for the garlic. Or is he just a fantasy of late middle age dreamt up by magazine editors?

Smooth, but not Swiss Toni smooth. And just how does he get away with wearing the same lairy Prada bowling shirts that the rapper Pusha T wears? At the age of 66? Whatever it is, we want in. Why would we?

Less of a clothes horse than a style cat, the Goldbluminator does to fashion what Elon Musk does to tech: innovates, accelerates, discombobulates. Jeff in his black leather Saint Laurent safari jacket and Mr Whippy-white jeans will forever be a huge mood.

Rocky has an innate sense of style, which has helped him to create an instantly recognisable aesthetic. Somewhat restrained. Will those characteristics ever stop being things to which we all aspire?

In a Thom Sweeney suit, for example, he exudes a youthful yet old Hollywood or old Windsor elegance. Not always easy to pull off with such aplomb. Expect loose, free-flowing fits and easy layers, all worn with that trademark nonchalance.

His offbeat sense of humour saw him go all in with the face make-up and cowboy boots at the Joker premiere. Us neither. Well, he did voice Simba, after all. Sometimes, it pays to go method. Bomber jackets, neat shirts and grey flannel trousers are simple, low-key, but totally perfect. By night he suits up in statement tailoring: a white Berluti suit and black silk shirt for the Bohemian Rhapsody premiere.

His standout fashion moment of ? Being interviewed in a bright red suit by Ben Cobb for a fictional chat show for Love magazine. He moves with a verve, grace and irresistible charisma that brings to mind a young Naomi Campbell. No one on the planet looks as good with their shirt off underneath louche tailoring.

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Reach your potential by embracing your personality and plotting a new course. Join our free newsletter to take the Leadership for Introverts Test and start building your skills. I used to be a sloppy dresser.

Under 25? Your image is more important than you may have been taught earlier on.

When of identical textile , and worn with a collared dress shirt , necktie , and dress shoes , it is traditionally considered informal wear in Western dress codes. The lounge suit originated in 19th-century Britain as more casual wear alternative for sportswear and British country clothing. After replacing the black frock coat in the early 20th century as regular daywear, a sober one-coloured suit became known as a lounge suit. A darker, understated lounge suit for professional occasions became known as a business suit. Suits are offered in different designs and constructions.

How To Dress Well: The 15 Rules All Men Should Learn

I would've never spoken with these guys if I just looked like I rolled out of bed to catch a flight. Looking sharp takes a couple of honest mistakes and revisions. Not all guys have the natural eye for mixing and matching the perfect ensemble. They have an entourage of stylists and fashion consultants, but still, they get meanest trash talk from critics and haters alike. But do not let this discourage you. With your persistence and your drive to improve and succeed, you will be surprised that dressing sharply, even on short notice, gradually becomes second-nature. Like everything in life, there's always someone better, faster, stronger, or more stylish. Learn from him. He could be a celebrity, model, athlete, actor, designer, teacher or even your next door neighbor.

Sharp-Dressed Man

The way a man dresses says a lot about him — much more than he might realize. Everything from the width of his lapel to the break in his trouser signals how he wants to be perceived and who he really is. An embarrassment of riches, if you will. There are the obvious sartorial standouts like the men of Succession , and dark horses like Raymond Reddington of The Blacklist, not to mention the characters whose style warrant attention for how clearly it communicates who they are, like Roland Blum of The Good Fight. Each of them tells a story through the clothing he wears, whether he knows it or not.

This was a pretty good book.

I bought the pleated trousers and the double-breasted blazer with its gold prep-school buttons as something to look forward to wearing once the pandemic quieted down. So this weekend, I put on my new clothes, added a tie , and I stayed home—dressed for the future in a slippery, unknowable present. Which got me thinking.

10 Style Tips For Young Men | How To Dress Sharp As A Younger Guy | Men’s Fashion Advice

All products are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. From Skepta to David Beckham, these are the men who are getting it right.

There's no denying that it can be difficult to assemble an interview ensemble. After all, first impressions are key, and it's imperative to make a great first impression on your potential employer. Here's interview attire for men, that will help you make the best impact on a prospective employer. Don't worry, you don't have to spend a lot of money or pour through fashion magazines to figure out what to wear to your interview. Fortunately, men's fashion is relatively straightforward. Using a few basic pieces, it's easy to put together an outfit that is stylish, professional, and tasteful.

Leadership for introverts.

There are enough rules in life as it is. Some, however, are there to help. Like the rules that govern how to dress well. So, when it comes to dressing, they always have to be taken at face value. But good advice is never to be sniffed at, and, as menswear becomes ever more rich and varied, ever more experimental and abundant, ever more trend-aware, in moments of confusion and self-doubt, it can help to have a valuable fall-back position that cuts through the clutter. There are certainly many other rules out there than are presented here.

Need some tips regarding how to dress well as a young man? 10 Young Man Style Tips | How To Dress Sharp As A Younger Guy | Men's Fashion Advice.

Impeccably groomed yet never a slave to fashion, the Sharp-Dressed Man is quite simply a guy dressed to the nines, over whom the ladies in the audience will undoubtedly swoon. A three-piece-suit that is, one including a Waistcoat of Style is the usual embodiment of this trope, but both simpler ensembles like a well-tailored two-piece or more imaginative outfits can qualify as well. Awesome Anachronistic Apparel will often overlap.

Call It #Menswear 2.0: Why Everyone Will Be Dressing Up Again After Coronavirus


The 50 best-dressed men of 2020






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