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Girl meets world fanfiction gains and loss

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A collection of unconnected oneshots focused on Maya and Lucas. Everyone is forced to leave the Academy for their safety, but with nowhere else to go, Rose is sent to Russia with Dimitri. Prolonged Silences by goldfish reviews Going a thousand years without any form of physical affection can really tend to leave a person craving it. But what she doesn't know, what she isn't aware of, is that just two years out of her best friend's company is apparently long enough to leave her craving it, too.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World - 3x12 - GM Bear: Maya, Josh & Zay (Zay: …you not a bad guy at all)


Make Sure Your Fan Fiction Is Legal (Or Regret It Later)

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Riley, Maya and Lucas are still in a triangle. Does Maya still have feelings for Lucas? Or will she find a new love. A Girl Meets World Fanfiction. Things aren't. Katniss esta dispuesta, como nunca,a no dejar ir ese trozo de esperanza. Continuacion de Me niego a perderte.

Maya expresses her fear that "college changes everything" but is she right? Riley and lucas love fanfiction her and Lucas's relationship be affected by their new college environment?

But with lots of fluff too. Some Riarkle, Zaya, and Rilaya. A couple OCs as well When in Texas by juliettie reviews She can't believe that this is her new life: He goes through girls like his freaking plaid shirts. She's disgusted by him… until she gets completely swept up into his life.

God, she can't believe that she has to seduce this boy. In fact they didn't even talk. Lucas and Maya meet in college. Lucas never knew who Maya was in high school.

But Maya remembers Lucas and his reputation quite well. It doesn't matter how hard he tries, she's not going to fall for his charm's. I thought he was right. But maybe he's not. He said I was protecting her. I do protect her. Completely different from what the writers told us. Could become cannon though it'd be awesome if it did.

Somehow, he's still not able to escape the feelings he left behind. The Story They All Followed by kiaraluna17 reviews Ever since Lucas Friar moved to NYC he noticed he was dropped in the middle of a world where everything was already written out for him. He was to be perfect. But what if he wasn't?

But the love of her live doesn't mind her mess. After Maya discovers her pregnancy, he leaves. Not interested in raising a baby alone, she want to give it up for adoption. Then she meets someone from the past, and maybe she isn't alone. Un amor del pasado by celementer. Say What You Feel by vintageambition reviews Maya and Lucas have been dating for a year now, but when Lucas suddenly starts being distant, Maya struggles to figure out what's wrong.

Will she do something she regrets to fix it? I Do Not by tiramisuspice reviews Marriage is for suckers. And so is love. She Pushed Them by CaliTacui reviews She kept her promise for only eleven years, but she was falling Stepping back the whole time.

The Babysitter by tiramisuspice reviews "Maya, but you're his kid's babysitter! Katniss Everdeen ha permanecido alejada de todo. How Rumors Get Started by Mac-alicious reviews There were times like this one when Maya wondered how they were the thing everyone was talking about.

Then it occurred to her riley and lucas love fanfiction these times were probably exactly the reason why they were. Next Level by tiramisuspice reviews She's ready. It was bound to happen eventually. La prometida de su hermano by L-Kenobi reviews AU. Hot Mess by tiramisuspice reviews Maya Hart. The perfect personal assistant. Quick, efficient, great at her job, easy on the eyes. She can't stand me. But I'm absolutely taken by her. The Game by Chereche reviews Lucas confronts Maya about the changes occurring between them after she backed out of the triangle.

Save A Riley and lucas love fanfiction by tiramisuspice reviews Ride a cowboy. So that's what Maya does. Un giro a la historia que tanto amamos. He needed a place to stay until he riley and lucas love fanfiction his own.

It was also a complete frickin' disaster. Dear Grace by rosiehope reviews When Riley finds a postcard, it prompts her to write a letter to the niece she'll never get to know. To Maya and Lucas' daughter. A letter about all the reasons why she'll never get to know her, to tell her the story about the beginning of her family, and the end of Riley's. T - English - Chapters: Walk Me Home by Clavel reviews It all begins with a walk after Lucas' past is revealed, it starts innocent enough with the need to thank a friend Set in between the episodes of Girl Meets World, season 2.

Sorry, really rusty at summaries. From Texas to Graduation: A Lucaya story by Nothesc reviews This is a story of what I'd like to see hapenning in Girl meets Texas and all the following episodes till Girl meets Graduation based on the promos and rumours we have.

Sorry I suck at summaries. Rated T just to be safe. Wild Wild West by tiramisuspice reviews As the cell doors closed in front of him and Billy, the only thought going through Lucas' mind was that he was going to kill that little blonde idiot for getting him in this mess in the first place. Loss And Gains by tiramisuspice reviews She was hurt.

Not just because he chose Maya. Not just because Maya took him. But because everyone around her seemed to be moving on. And she was getting left behind. Enceinte by tiramisuspice reviews Unintended consequences to one night of passion force Maya to make decisions about her life, love, and future.

Las madres logran hacerlo, pero Cabe recalcar que no eres la madre, el padre es un completo desconocido y hay una regla muy importante, dejar fuera los sentimientos. Howdy Neighbour by tiramisuspice reviews Somehow, together? Now they're left with this connection between them that they don't know what to do with. But this is definitely her craziest request yet. Things get hectic when people like, Missy Bradford and Charlie Gardener get in the way of their friendship.

I just stare at her for a moment. This is why you're a conflict! I have a boyfriend already. I feel so mad. Why doesn't she just break up with Lucas and get with me. I walk to the baseball table to congratulate them on their win.

Estaban definitivamente descansando su borrachera. Nisiquiera le importaba sentir su vestido subir por sus muslos. Maya estaba definitivamente borracha. RSS Feed.

Spellbinding mythical short stories. Lucas and Riley texting fanfic ep. Eres mucho hablar y poco actuar, Maya. Author Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.

Legal issues with fan fiction

The beloved sitcom block offered a few hours of fun and comfort for everyone, offering glimpses of families and friends in all kinds of life situations. It had an epic friendship, a love story worth rooting for, and just the right amount of silliness to rope in viewers of all ages. Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence overcame a lot of obstacles: Lauren from the ski resort, the artist who wooed Topanga with Starry Night, Topanga moving to Pittsburgh, and so many others. One obstacle they couldn't possibly know they were facing, however, was a business-minded one.

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Significant amounts of copyrightable creative works such as motion pictures, television programs, music, and computer gaming works are produced in the United States. In addition, a significant amount of fan fiction is created in the United States. For these reasons, although every nation's law is different and different laws may apply to different works of fan fiction, U. Under U.

The premise of this is the same as Gains and Loss. What if GMW were actually some super angst-y over the top purposely exaggerated high school romantic teen drama show instead? How much worse could the Rucaya triangle romance actually have been? How much worse could the relationships have deteriorated? How bad could it have gotten? What if the worst aspects of this triangle, the most twisted aspects of the characters' issues with each other were the focus? What if they all made mistakes that would affect their relationships severely? What would happen then? Only this time from Riley's POV with a slightly different approach to reflect that.

Girl Meets World Fanfictions

Sorry guys! There haven't been any updates or responses because I was working on this little monster piece. But I'm done soooo yeah :. Anyway, the promo birthed a random thought: What if GMW were actually some super angst-y over the top purposely exaggerated high school romantic teen drama show instead? How much worse could the Rucaya triangle romance actually have been?

Riley, Maya and Lucas are still in a triangle.

This book is the first to explore style and spectacle in glam popular music performance from the s to the present day, and from an international perspective. Focus is given to a number of representative artists, bands, and movements, as well as national, regional, and cultural contexts from around the globe. Rex, Slade, and Roxy Music.

Topanga Matthews was a smart woman. If you miss me then you should do something about it. Get out of my head.

Image: Matthew Loffhagen. Some stories involve us so deeply that they can no longer be enjoyed passively: a character or setting grabs a reader in a way that only creation can satisfy. In fact, the quality is frequently high enough to sustain entire communities who share, appreciate, and write fan fiction. The fly in the ointment is that fan fiction deals with legally protected works. This is doubly the case when they publish their work for others to enjoy.


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