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If love is like the Moon and Friends are like the stars, Then I have noticed that the sky looks good without the Moon But not without the stars. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend" Thanks for being a friend. A friend is the laughter on a tearful day, A friend is the advice to show you the way, A friend will stand by you in all that you do, A friend is true, a friend is YOU. Friends are those who nourish the Spirit.

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Best Friendship Messages, Friendship Wishes and SMS

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You can send them a small greeting card just because, or add a little gift or flowers if there is a particular occasion.

Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector.

She loves discussing the insights of the secret world of flowers, shares her gardening tips and hacks and moons over the latest additions to Serenata Flowers flower range. Ask Lily anything about flowers and we can guarantee she will have the answer.

You might not know this, but you helped me find happiness in being the person that I really am. With you, I can be honest and lay my heart bare. Nothing else can come close to the beautiful friendship we share. We promise to be there for each other. Love you. Thank you for being my bestie. There is no such thing as a coincidence! People met for a special reason. Oh, come on! Thanks for knowing exactly when to tell me what I want to hear, when I want to hear it the most.

I am high on my success today only because our friendship has taken me higher in every way. I never get ruffled even when I have troubles coming my way because I know that you are just a phone call away. You blur the lines between friends and family because you are both for me.

Thank you. Promise me we are true friends. You are the roof, I am the ground. You are the floor, I am the tiles. You are the sun, I am the rays. I am the tree, you are the monkey. Our friendship is both an asset and a debt — an asset in my life and a debt that I will always owe forever.

An empty stomach needs food, an empty brain needs knowledge, an empty house needs a family, and an empty heart needs love. But then, an empty life needs a friend, thanks for filling in. Our friendship is a rare type of currency. It never depreciates, it always appreciates, it is acceptable in all countries but it is available only to a lucky few friends like us.

Sunshine or rain, friends always soothe the pain. Morning or night, best friends make everything alright. Real friends never leave each other, never part. A real friend will never drag his friend through the muck in public — on the contrary, he will say how great, kind and honest his friend is.

I just hope that someday, when our roads meet again, you will still be the person I used to call a friend. Long-distance friendship is the strongest one. Do you know what heartbreak and cheating have in common? I know your life can go on without me, that you can be happy without me, that you can survive without me. But even if you turn me away, I will still stay with you and will always be your friend. There is no one with whom I can share my tears and fears if you were not here.

Thanks for being by my side, and always giving me reasons to cheer. Even though you are miles away from me, you seem to be closer than most of my family living in the same house.

What if you need a friend and there are a hundred steps between us? You can take the first step to get near me and I will take all 99 steps to be there for you.

People help me by giving answers to the questions I ask. You help by asking what the problem is. Throughout my life, everyone could see the tears in my eyes… but only you could feel the pain in my heart. Thanks for being my friend. Friends like you are completely low maintenance. No expensive gifts, all you need is love and affection. You love me the most when everyone else hates me. You believe in me the most when everyone else loses faith in me.

True bonding is not measured by the time spent together or the favors done for each other but by the comfort, you find when you realized that you care for each other. Lily Calyx Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector.

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Friendship Sms, Cute Friendship Messages

You can send them a small greeting card just because, or add a little gift or flowers if there is a particular occasion. Lily Calyx is our in-house flower whisperer, an expert on all things botanical and an enthusiastic orchids collector. She loves discussing the insights of the secret world of flowers, shares her gardening tips and hacks and moons over the latest additions to Serenata Flowers flower range.

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Friends get together almost eve4ry weekend or whenever they get a chance to meet. The invitation for get together can be sent through text messages or through cards with gifts for the friends. Samples of invitation messages for friends get together sent with love are listed below:. Dear friend, I invite you to the get together party of old friends to be held at my place. I hope you will arrive and made the occasion more memorable one.

Here are the Best Thank You Messages For Your Friends To Show Your Gratitude

Friendship is perhaps one of the most treasured relationships between two or more people. Friends are considered as family, not by blood, but by heart. The bond between friends can be even tighter than any other form of bonds. They are there for you to laugh with, share happiness and blessings with, and enjoy precious moment together. Friends are truly God sent. And for friendship to thrive and become stronger, communication, care and love are some of the ingredients both parties should keep. There will be no strong friendship for those who lack communication and love.

Friendship Messages, Friendship Notes and Friendship SMS Messages

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True friends stay together

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Friendship is one of the most beautiful things. Friends inspire us, support us, help us to grow, make us feel valued and loved. Friendship can be described as a flower that must be consistently watered and maintained in order to grow and grow well. Though social networks has played important roles in providing the opportunity for friends to connect, the best way to maintain cordial relationship with your friends is to send a cool message as you think of them. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have so much in common, yet we are so different.

Friendship quotes and friendship messages

Ur love. What is true but unfair? Ur away from me. What is sweet but invincible? Ur smile. What is precious but priceless? Ur friendship.

These are 71 of my absolute favorite friendship quotes for your best friend forever, They are so powerful, yet so concise that you can get a lifetimes worth of Unknown; Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.

Invitations Messages for Party : Throwing a party every now and then is very common nowadays. When you are the one hosting a party, the first thing you really need to know is how to invite your friends and loved ones to that. Most importantly you need to know what to write in a party invitation message or party invitation card.

30+ Friendship Messages

Have you ever wondered what you would do without friends? A friend is someone who is your forever companion. Apart from families, friends play an important role in your life.

Message to a friend, Nice Messages for Friends, Special Friendship Messages

The gift of true friendship is that it takes by the hand and reminds us, we are not alone in the journey of life. You should feel lucky to have someone as gorgeous as me in your life, I hope you understand that. Your friendship is a special gift. Generously given.

First of all blessed yourself for having such best and special friends in your life.

Do you want to let your friends know how important they are to you? Well, you do not always have to say thank you at a special occasion or after receiving help from them. Instead, you can simply thank them for being in your life and for being your friend through all ups and downs. A gesture such as this one will allow you and your friend to develop a better bond and strengthen your relationship.

Get Together Quotes


Invitation Messages for Friends get together


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