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Can i get pregnant if my husband has varicocele

Today, an astounding 25 percent of couples in their mid-thirties are infertile; when they reach 40, that figure rises to 50 percent. Given that many couples are postponing attempts at conceiving until Leer comentario completo. Hashmi Healthcare - This book give us valuable information.

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How does it affect male fertility? I have been married for 5 years and we have been trying to conceive for more than 3 years without success. I was told by my doctor that my semen showed poor motility and count.

He suspects I have a varicocele. The scrotum, is the skin sac that holds the testicles reproductive glands. Also in the scrotum is a spermatic cord that both holds up each testicle and also contains the veins, arteries and nerves that support these glands. Varicoceles are commonly found in 15 percent of the general male adult and adolescent population. Although there are no established risk factors for developing a varicocele, being overweight or engaging in routine, heavy lifting related to intense exercise may increase your risk.

Primary infertility is defined as present in a couple that has not conceived a child after at least one year of trying. A varicocele develops over time in a similar way as varicose veins develop in your legs. The majority of males are diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 25, according to the National Institutes of Health. A varicocele may not be felt or seen when lying down.

Ultrasound helps measure the spermatic veins and allows the doctor to get a detailed, accurate picture of the condition. A varicocele is typically classified into three clinical grades according to the size of the testicular lump Grade I is the smallest and Grade III the largest. It is not always necessary to treat a varicocele. However, treatment is indicated if the condition causes progressive worsening of testicular function, leading to low sperm motility, count and shape defects as this can result in difficulty conceiving.

If treatment is needed, Cornell University advises that treating early will have a more positive effect on sperm production. If there is pain associated with the varicocele, wearing tight underwear for support can sometimes alleviated the pain or discomfort. If symptoms get worse, further treatment such as microsurgical varicocele ligation might be necessary. A varicocele ligation is a same-day surgery that is done in a hospital. The concept of the surgery is to carefully remove only the veins without disturbing the artery and lymphatic which preserves sperm production.

Post-surgery, new veins will develop which most likely will be normal. Some men become infertile as a result of a varicocele. If you and your partner are having trouble becoming pregnant, your doctor may recommend an appointment with a reproductive specialist who will analyze your sperm and also check for varicocele as part of the male examination. It is very important to speak with your doctor if you suspect varicocele or if you are having problems conceiving.

If varicocele is the cause of your inability to conceive, it is very likely that the condition can be treated and male infertility reversed. Buy Now. Friend's Email Address. Your Email Address. Send Email. Who are we? Facebook Tweet Pin Email. YO For Mobile. YO For PC.

Varicocele: A Common Cause of Male Infertility That Can Be Treated

A varicocele pronounced VAR-a-co-cell is an enlarged vein in the scrotum and testicle, usually found on the left side, but also possibly found on both sides of the scrotum, and very rarely only on the right side. You're likely familiar with varicose veins, which occur in the legs. As with varicose veins, when a varicocele is present, the vein's valve that helps blood flow upward to the heart becomes dysfunctional.

Jul 25, Fertility 0 comments. This common disorder, which usually develops during puberty, is one of the leading causes of male infertility and is found in about 40 percent of men unable to conceive their first child. The good news is, that for as common as varicoceles are, they are also fairly easy to correct through surgery, with a quick recovery time and relatively low risk.

My DH dear husband has veins in his left nut. He would kill me if he knew I was telling you all this! I just did some research and it can affect his fertility. We have only been TTC trying to conceive for a few months now.

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We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. What to Expect has thousands of open discussions happening each day. We work hard to share our most timely and active conversations with you. We keep them up because there are a ton of great conversations here and we believe you deserve to see them all. My husband went to the doctor today and they said he has varicocele. I feel terrible. I'm in a state of utter surprise.

Ladies, What You Should Do If He Has Been Diagnosed with Varicocele Infertility

Did you and your partner just return from the fertility specialist? Is your mind still reeling from the diagnosis? The best thing you can do if your partner has been diagnosed with a varicocele is be supportive and help him find the information that he needs. If your husband or boyfriend has been diagnosed with varicocele infertility, here are some ways you can support him while you both consider what to do next.

Tom and Sarah have been trying to conceive for over a year. When he had a thorough exam by his primary care doctor, Tom found out he has a varicocele VAR-ih-koe-seel.

Governor Hogan announced that health care institutions in Maryland can start performing elective surgical cases in guidance with the State Department of Health. Learn what Johns Hopkins is doing. Veins throughout the body carry blood from various organs back to the heart.

(Closed) Varicocele and TTC

Many men have enlarged veins in the scrotum, which is the pouch that holds the testicles. Doctors call these veins varicoceles. Many men with varicoceles have no symptoms, but some may have fertility issues.

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Due to the recent rise and concern of Coronavirus, we are taking every measure to protect our patients. In addition to following CDC guidelines, please note that we will only be allowing new or active female and male patients in our facility at this time. For any upcoming procedures, we will only allow one escort for transportation into the facility. In fact, research shows that men and women share an equal responsibility of roughly one-third as being the main cause of infertility for couples, with a combination of male and female issues comprising the remaining portion. With that in mind, male infertility typically involves one having a low sperm count.

What is the link between varicocele and infertility?

I did feel it myself sorry if this is TMI and there are some noticable veins in there but they are not visible to the naked eye. He has noticed it in the past, but we are just now connecting the dots that this may be impacting our fertility. My husband has it and it is painful at times. His testicle actually moves as if he has a hernia. We have been trying for a year and my husband is hesitant to go back to the doctor again for more testing.

My husband went to his regular doctor recently and was diagnosed with a varicocele. TTC #1 since 6/08, MFI dx'd 3/09 Varicocelectomy 6/09, Hydrocelectomy  4 posts - ‎4 authors.

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Most of these men have no idea that they have a varicocele, as there are generally no outward signs. Some men with varicoceles have no trouble starting a family, yet others find their attempts at conception unsuccessful, which could be due, at least in part, to the presence of the varicocele. Today, he answers the most questions his patients pose about varicoceles. Within the body, blood vessels are divided into two types based on the direction in which blood flows through them:.

How does it affect male fertility? I have been married for 5 years and we have been trying to conceive for more than 3 years without success. I was told by my doctor that my semen showed poor motility and count.

Numerous sperm - at high magnification on a counting chamber.

I guess I don't see the harm in having the test done now, that way we know what we're dealing with either way. But maybe I'm over reacting? And should my husband talk to a urologist or some specialist other than his primary care physician? TTC in FET - 2 blasts, 1 survived the thaw.

NCBI Bookshelf. Some experts think that varicoceles can affect fertility in men. If men with a palpable varicocele and poor sperm quality have treatment, the chances of their partner becoming pregnant could possibly improve. Most couples who are trying for a baby will succeed within two years. If it takes them longer, they are considered to have a fertility problem. It might just take longer for the woman to get pregnant in the usual way. Still, a lot of couples want to know why they are having difficulties getting pregnant.


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