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Can i get my ex boyfriend back after begging

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By Chris Seiter. If I got on my hands and knees right now and begged you to buy my book would you? In other words, if you are looking to get over your ex girlfriend then this is not the page for you. I thought you would get a kick out of the fact that I put a little arrow and heading showing where a gnat was in this picture. Anyways, what if I told you that a man who begs for his ex girlfriend back is the equivalent of a gnat to her. I actually talk a lot about this idea in my book, The Texting Bible.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How To Get Your Ex Back If You Begged

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to Get Your Ex Back After Begging and Pleading?

You Desperately Begged For Him Back And Failed… I’m Here To Fix That

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By Chris Seiter. Unfortunately the vast majority of women who seek advice on this site have committed this cardinal sin. A few days ago I received this comment asking if I could write an in-depth article about how to handle a situation if you have tried to get your ex boyfriend back by begging and failed. This article is dedicated to the women out there who desperately want their ex boyfriends back but have made a lot of mistakes in getting him back particularly begging…. Begging is being applied to the fact that you are going to be asking him to be in a relationship with you again.

If you ran into your ex boyfriend tomorrow and then got on your hands and knees and asked him to take you back then that would be classified as begging. Well, lets get into something a bit more complicated now and turn our attention to why begging usually never works to win back an ex boyfriend. Take the quiz. I mean, what I am talking about here is not rocket science but what is it about being in that position of weakness that is such a turn off to men?

In order to properly explain this to you I am going to have to ask you to draw on some pretty dark thoughts. There has to be some guy in your life that you think you are WAY better than. A guy who you would never date in a million years.

Now, what I want you to do is think of that person. Ok, now I want you to imagine this person who you think you are better than and who you would never date begging for you to date him. In fact, I have made a career out of teaching women who are in this sorry state to overcome it and I am going to teach you my tricks right here, right now! So, this article is operating under the assumption that you have already begged for your ex boyfriend back and it has proven to be a huge turnoff for him.

Well, what if you were to just try to get him back right now without trying any of my strategies? So you are reading this book and you are getting really into it and then all of a sudden there is a knock on the door. Immediately upon you opening the door the salesman goes into a massive sales pitch discussing why you should buy his product. This is a perfect analogy for whats going to happen if you try to pitch your ex boyfriend on another relationship with you right now.

This is the equivalent of having your ex boyfriend feel really comfortable in the situation he is in right now. The two of you broke up and as much as I hate to tell you this he is probably comfortable with that fact especially if he was the one who initiated the break. We already know your ex boyfriend is comfortable in his current situation being single and the knock on the door can be compared to if you reached out to him out of the blue and it shocked him. Now, early on I established that begging for an ex boyfriend is usually only going to accomplish one thing….

You are going to have to completely re-work the way you approach him. What would a door to door salesman who is selling…. And one day you hear a knock at your door and you open it and see a door to door salesman who is selling vacuums. What would he have to do, knowing the odds are stacked against him, to convert you into a sale?

No one wants to open the door up to their house and immediately be greeted by a person who is trying to sell them something. Well, lets try to relate to the salesman now.

What do you think he should do to disarm this negative stigma that he is going to get right out of the gate for just being a salesman? He should wait for you to open the door and instead of launching into a sales pitch he should try to tell you a compelling story. Something that maybe would draw you in and make you look at him not as a salesman but as a trustworthy guy. Instead, he should just aim to give you his card with his information on it. Hi there, I know this is going to sound really weird but I was just talking to your friend Kathy down the street at least she said she was your friend and she mentioned that you are looking for a new vacuum since your vacuum cleaner broke.

I actually sell vacuums door to door for a living weird career choice I know. And I know there is a negative stigma attached to people like me. All I wanted to do is just stop by to give you my card in case you did become interested. Do you see how the salesman built value and structured things in a way that made you almost exclusively want to buy from him?

Well, this subtle approach is what you are going to have to do if you are going to have any chance of winning him back. Because after all, you are basically trying to sell yourself to your ex here but you kind of screwed up your sales pitch already. I am going to show you the correct type of sales pitch that you are going to have to implement to have a chance. Well, slow down there for a second.

First we need to understand what odds you have working against you. In this section I intend to examine the exact odds that you are going to have to overcome in order to get your boyfriend back.

The beggar is always in a position of weakness while the receiver is always in a position of power. Well, the big odd that you are going to have to overcome if you begged for your boyfriend back is the fact that you are in a position of weakness and your ex is going to constantly look down on you.

In other words, he is definitely going to think that he is here,. At no point during the attraction phase when we were getting to know each other did I think,.

And believe me, I have been on dates where I have thought that about the person sitting across the table from me…. Though I will say that I learned something positive about myself from the experience.

At 20 years old I was pretty content just to be going on a date with a girl that was halfway decent looking. Pretty shallow, right? However, after actually being on a date with a girl that only had looks going for her I realized that I found her more unattractive than an ugly girl with a really great personality.

Here is my point, if your ex boyfriend looks down on you, you are basically in the position that, that dumb girl was who I went on that date with. Now, you being the very strict parent that you are make an internal decision that you are not going to buy that toy for your child. Well, an ex boyfriend can look at you this way if you were especially annoying when you were begging him to come back. I am going to make a statement here and I want you to remember it and then after I make it I am going to back it up with proof.

Why did he date me? When George Lucas came out with the prequels to the original star wars trilogy fans were excited. One of the most interesting aspects of dating is picturing yourself long term with the person who you are with.

What if she was really annoying during the dating phase. What if we had broken up and she had begged for me back? Truthfully… yes. Instead of having those happy daydreams that I was having before they would probably look a little like this,.

If your ex boyfriend considers you to be annoying which he will if you begged for him back any future he envisions with you is not going to be positive. But what if I told you that the second that you and him started dating officially you were guaranteed to die in a week. If you can do these two things then I am confident in saying that you have a really good chance of success. Now, above I did a huge write up on this idea of being a salesman and how there is immediate negative connotations when you try to pitch an item to someone.

In fact, I am certain that after years even you will have probably lost interest in your ex. Imagine for a moment that a child is perceived as weak and is being picked on at school. Every time he attends a class other kids are picking on him by starting fights. Now, the child in question here is a pacifist by nature. He likes to avoid violence as much as humanly possible.

One day a kid who was picking on him pushes him to far and he decides for the first time to fight back. In order for your ex boyfriend to perceive you differently you need a shock factor of your own. You need to do something that completely blows his mind. Most of the amazing shocking moments that we have experienced in our lives is probably due to a deviation from our assumption. If you are invested in reading this then I am going to assume there is that word again that you begged for your ex boyfriend back to an annoying level.

That is the behavior that you have exhibited. So, lets do something and deviate from his assumption. Now, I have talked about the no contact rule multiple times on this site so I am not going to do an in-depth explanation here. Instead, if you want that I suggest that you pick up PRO. For example, if your ex boyfriend grew up hating action movies then you would assume that he hates all action movies but maybe there is one action movie that he loves more than anything… Rambo.

Well, the second that he deviates from your assumption is the second that you are kind of shocked by it. So here is what I want you to do. I want you to show him a different side of yourself. The most important aspect of this though is the fact that this different side that you show him has to be fascinating to him. Well, while your ex boyfriend was dating you he has this information filed away in his head somewhere. So, in order to change his perception of you, you decide that you are going to take sailing lessons and learn how to sail.

Anyways, at some point when you are trying to get him back you mention that you took these sailing lessons and ideally he will be totally shocked by this news since it completely goes against his perception of you. You see, usually the women who come to this site do things wrong in the fact that they expect their ex boyfriend to do half the things like,. You see, women have always been taught that the man is supposed to do those things and for the most part they are right.

If men are the one trying to get the girl it demonstrates that he is very into the girl and the girl has most of the power at the beginning. But I argue that breakups put women in a unique position where they almost have to be the ones to scramble to get an ex back. In other words, begging really puts you in a bad position for later on because you have to alter a strategy where you can control interactions by initiating them to waiting for him to initiate them.

Alright, lets say that text messages are worth 5 points. In other words if you initiate a text conversation you give him 5 points and if he initiates a text conversation it gives you 5 points. So, lets assume that you and your ex boyfriend had a total of ten text message conversations over the past ten days.

Does Begging For Your Ex Back Even Work?

The intensity of the internal suffering causes most people to have a fight or flight type of response to the person who has broken up with them. Such a response is usually to try to pull that person back through any means necessary, no matter how desperate or irrational. If someone who was in a romantic relationship with you no longer wants to be in that relationship, understanding how to possibly get them to reconsider is key.

A breakup usually catches you by surprise and you go into a panic. All you can think of is getting your ex back, so you go chasing and begging him to take you back.

To post a reply login or register. She broke up with me 6 weeks ago, because i became clingy and focused on posession instead of true emotional connection like we had at the beginning. I first wrote her a message of apology of all the things i did wrong, which got a good response initally. Then,i planned to go into a period of NC. Finally, a few days ago, her and her friend said to me the rough truth that i need to move on.

Get Ex Back After Begging For Months: Can You Recover After Begging For Ex

More often than not, the very first thing they will do is to beg their ex to take them back. Time to wake up! If begging works, no one will ever break up with anyone. If your ex has decided to end the relationship, no amount of begging or pleading or using pity will get your ex to come back to you. It will only make you look insecure and needy. SO, stop it NOW if you ever want to get back with your ex. Also, quit having the illusions that if you show your ex that you are miserable and cannot live without your ex, they will get back with you. Be self-conscious when you are thinking about using pity to get your ex back. Believe me when I say this. No one is attracted to someone who is weak and miserable.


If you begged and pleaded with your ex after the breakup and pushed your ex away, try not to worry too much right now. Whenever you feel anxious, tell yourself that your begging was an emotional response and that there is no changing the past. Most dumpees, unfortunately, do some begging to stay in a relationship. They beg and plead when the pain of the rejection overcomes their logical thinking and so they act completely on instinct. Begging and pleading, writing letters , proposing, gifting and apologizing are just a few post-breakup mistakes dumpees often resort to after the breakup.

It is not as easy as it seems to get someone back after a break up.

So, you went to or contacted your ex-boyfriend and begged and pleaded for him to come back into a relationship with you. In this post, I want to explore a bit more in depth on begging for your ex-boyfriend back and how to move forward with things after this has already happened. Our perceptions define and influence so many decisions in our lives everyday.

What To Do If You Begged For Your Ex Girlfriend Back (And She Said NO…)

We all live and learn, and sometimes when a person is going through an emotional situation, a challenging situation, sometimes they will make mistakes in their communication and behavior and they might even learn from that. When you talk to you ex about the fact that you were begging and pleading, you can laugh and say that we all make mistakes in life. I was being a bit silly and I now look back and laugh at how I reacted. From then on, you just need to be a confident, masculine man in every interaction that you have with her, and she will then begin to respect you again.

By Chris Seiter. Unfortunately the vast majority of women who seek advice on this site have committed this cardinal sin. A few days ago I received this comment asking if I could write an in-depth article about how to handle a situation if you have tried to get your ex boyfriend back by begging and failed. This article is dedicated to the women out there who desperately want their ex boyfriends back but have made a lot of mistakes in getting him back particularly begging…. Begging is being applied to the fact that you are going to be asking him to be in a relationship with you again. If you ran into your ex boyfriend tomorrow and then got on your hands and knees and asked him to take you back then that would be classified as begging.

What To Do If You Were Just Dumped

No one can blame you for feeling so bad or for feeling lost and sad. When feelings are still present, the breakup is especially hard to digest. You realize how much you love them, and how important they are in your life. They try to make their ex feel guilty. You declare your undying love for them, you make promises, and you break down in tears as beg for a second chance. When you put things into perspective, do you think this is a good attitude to have?

May 21, - I begged him and pleaded for my ex-boyfriend to take me back. Is it too late? Do I have a chance to get back together after no contact? Can you.

The ultimate question: Should you give him a second chance? We have all been there. Sometimes the decision is easy, but sometimes it gets a little murkier. Objectively, you would probably tell a confused friend to: Forget him!

Can I Get My Ex Back After Begging And Pleading?

By Chris Seiter. They beg, they plead, they promise to change, but all that does is push the person further away and cement the idea that they made the right decision in ending the relationship. There are lots of other things to put your energy into that will be more helpful in the long run and will help to make your ex realize they made a huge mistake in breaking up with you in the first place.

Are You Begging Your Ex Boyfriend to Take You Back? - Instead Make Him Beg You to Take Him Back!






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