• Olivier Bertin

    felicitations, bo bato, bon moteurs, fier équipage

    • Alexlagooninside

      Merci Olivier !

  • Karl Brenneman

    Well done!!!

    • Alexlagooninside

      Thanks Karl!

  • don thomases

    A great triumph! A memorable voyage! Make sure the Captain buys everyone a few rounds at the harbor’s best bar!

    • Alexlagooninside

      For sure ! Captain until the end… Even at the restaurant !

  • Guillaume

    Congrats guys ! The whole VPLP design team is proud of you. Proud of the crew, but also proud of our baby.
    She sails good, fast and safely.
    We really loved the story… please don’t stop.

    PS : if you have interesting data from that crossing, please write to me : grey@vplp.fr


    • Alexlagooninside

      Thanks Guillaume and thanks to the VPLP team. All the data are in our articles.